Hawaii Narc-O is happening like a pig at a luau! The face of the project is in place, with HawaiiNarcO.com, which is laid out like a Hollywood motion picture website, but with HOT PINK splashes! It features the shows Sizzle Reel, Poster, Synopsis, Characters and the option to subscribe. You can subscribe and get VIP email updates. The site is linked to social media on FaceBook and Instagram and all back-linked to each other. Social media is regularly updated and is growing. The pilot episode is looking tight and is in the can, with some pickup shots to incorporate and a final edit!

The goals of Hawaii Narc-O is to create this vision of a flashy, campy comedy featuring the Hawaiian islands beautiful backdrops and locations, reminding viewers to visit! The show also is using the ridiculousness of drug abuse in an unflinching, over the top, comedic fashion for laughs.

Hawaii Narc-O, the original television pilot was created by Chad Thurman, in the early 2000's as a public access show for Olelo Public Access Channel Production Studios in Mapunapuna, Honolulu. Many years before Hawaii Five-0, the remake, was produced. The pilot episode was made and premiered in Waikiki. The Cast included Henry Ayau, a famed sportsman and businessman known for his excellence in water sports like canoe paddling and diving, he also appeared in commercials and advertisements, including a national campaign for American Airlines.


Growing up in Southern California, Chads Grandpa used to tell him stories about Hawaii, from his military days, he loved hearing them. It just seemed magical and his Grandfater always wore Aloha shirts. Thurman, in his younger years was a fan of Magnum PI, Miami Vice and Hawaii 5-0; he watched these super cool shows on television. He loved Hawaii and seeing the islands the backdrop for some of those shows. Chad was inspired by the original Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum P.I. and was motivated to create Hawaii Narc-O show, the initial version, as one of his first filmmaking projects .

Chad is a surfer and in 1987 he went to see the movie North Shore and thought it was totally awesome, dude. In the film there was this character, Turtle, talking all funny, which in Hawaii is called "speaking pidgin". Then when Thurman graduated high school, he moved to Oahu. While he was working as an assistant cameraman for the Hawaiian Tropics, he met “Turtle”, John Philbin, at the Turtle Bay resort. They became friends and recreated an iconic scene from North Shore, in the surf video, "Freak Show" directed by Chad Thurman with professional surfer Jamie O’Brien. Now Chad is the 2nd Unit DP: Ocean Unit on Undateable John. A new film, starring John Philbin, by Executive Producer, Joan Jett of Blackhearts Films with a star-studded cast. Also, John has agreed to consult on Hawaii Narc-O and upon SAG signatory status, become a cast member. It seems to be almost mystical, the love of film and filmmaking intertwined. Thurman has invested in this project and its amazing to see it become a reality.

Hawaii Narc-O the new comedy series is casting for actors.



A wiped-out surfer and crazy undercover narc cop morphed druggie wants revenge for drug dealers making fun of his small, white Maltese dog, so he’s on a mission to save Paradise from a tidal wave of deadly super drugs. Can he do it before the pushers ruin more lives and tease innocent puppies!


Incorporating all the beauty of the Hawaiian islands and the grittiness of its seediest areas, we follow unorthodox undercover cop Blade Waters, as he busts druglords and uncovers local corruption while abusing every substance available to maintain his cover and sniff out crime.


18-34, males and females.


HAWAII VICE is Hawaii 5-0, Miami Vice, and Magnum P.I. meet The Naked Gun.
When most envision Hawaii, images of gorgeous sunsets, perfect waves, hula girls and cold Mai Tais garnished with juicy fruits and colorful miniature umbrellas come to mind. Yet a dark side to the idyllic island life exists; a dirty under belly of crazy criminal behavior. Rather than standing on a soap box preaching, we will poke fun at all of it, including a unique mixed plate of diverse cultures that are a part of our island population.


BLADE WATERS: (James Franco) mid 30’s - permanently high, wiped-out former surfer, turned undercover vice cop. His dry sarcasm and long blonde hairdo was more suited for the 1970’s. This loose cannon lives for the thrill of the chase, capturing criminals and a dangling carrot... seized drugs. His ability to don ridiculous disguises and an insanely high tolerance for narcotics makes him the best undercover for the job.

LALA PUA: (Jessica Waters) (early 20’s) - a sexy and savvy local Hawaiian, rescued by Blade at a young age from a life of drugs and jail time. She’s fiercely loyal to Blade and turns out to be his secret weapon. Her street smarts and past connections gets white-boy Waters an all-access pass he can’t garner on his own with the local drug underworld.

BARRY DINGLE: (Sam Jackson) (early 60’s) Head of Hawaii Vice Squad- a hard-nosed, Texas transplant and former decorated Vietnam Vet. He’s so close to retirement he can taste it, but Blade’s quasi-legal antics, and devil-may-care attitude might just give him a heart attack first. He chomps on high blood pressure pills like Tic Tacs, while begrudgingly putting up with Blade’s unorthodox but effective undercover skills.

IVANA GEETAI: (Uma Thurman) (late 40’s) A sultry but lethal former Eastern-European supermodel turned small-time narcotics pusher. She is desperate to reach drug Queen-Pin status but Blade threatens her lust for glory.


Set in Hawaii in 2016, this is a 10 episode digital series with 7 minute episodes.


The show will use a potpourri of imaginative and fun camera work to accentuate the visual buffoonery, such as forced perspective shots, incorporating scale models of exotic cars, yachts, even locations. Also along the way, our infamous covert cop must indulge in drugs so as not to blow his cover. So, with each episode comes a blast-off into the psychedelic stratosphere which will include in-camera effects, CGI or live-action mixed with animation, like Mary Poppins or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Other “tacky” special-effects will help add to the hilarity of this dark comedy!


The reason we made film production our life’s work is inspired by a fiery passion and affection for our home island, its spirit of aloha, and its famed history of classic cop shows.



"Welcome to Paradise. Palm trees, tropical cocktails and big waves. It's not always a pretty postcard. Like any other tourist trap, dope dealers ruled the beach. Until one day while I was out surfing, they screwed with my dog , “Dude Bro”. Now I’m the one kicking sand in their face. I went deep undercover, working vice and got caught up doing drugs, a lot of drugs. Like a ship ton of drugs. And hallucinating like a rat on raid! But I'm doing the job and I’m going down on these bad guys before the tsunami of dope, blows up in my face. Hawaii Narc-O is an idependent comedy series being produced on Oahu." - Blade Waters